A.V College of Arts,Science & Commerce
Domalguda, Hyderabad - 500 029
(Affiliated To Osmania University)

Department of Commerce

“Knowledge for the societal transformation”

      The department of commerce established in 1968 is as old as the college and has a vision “Knowledge for the societal transformation”. It is one of the pioneering departments of A.V.college with 44 years of academic excellence and has grown enormously in strength and diversity catering to nearly 1300 students of college. The department has been continuously rated as 5th among the colleges of twin cities for the past 6 years by a leading magazine “India Today”.

      The department offers conventional, professional and technical commerce education to the student’s community. It has 4 aided sections with conventional B.Com course , 2 self financed B.Com computer sections and one professional CA-CPT section.

      The faculty regularly organizes bridge and remedial courses for the students to familiarize them in the instruction of English as majority of them are from vernacular background. Many of the students are poor and economically weak hence the department had introduced a novel programme called “Earn While You Learn”. Workshop and Seminars are regularly organized.

      Many faculty members actively involve themselves in framing the syllabus for Taxation, Fundamentals of Information Technology, E-Commerce and Business Law and have suggested changes in the question paper pattern and examination system in the departmental meeting of the commerce department.

      A departmental library with more than 500 books of academic importance is made available to the students. The department has established two computer labs with 100 computers and one well maintained commerce lab

      Apart from traditional classroom teaching the department also uses modernteaching techniques like OHP, LCD, Internet resources; Computer assisted teaching The faculty encourages the students in the ‘E’ content development and learning, creation of multimedia projects, development of logo, development of subject themes etc using HTML, other Web based tools and other Micro Soft Office software’s like MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access, MS PowerPoint for presentation of graphs, slides etc..

      The teachers encourage group discussions, paper presentations, assignments, problem solving, and participative method of teaching- learning. To make our students professionally competitive, the department has introduced CA-CPT coaching in the year 2209. Personal and general counseling along with their parents are regularly arranged by the department.

      Every year 15 to 20 MNC’s visit us for campus recruitment. The department organizes special coaching classes to the students to face the interview process. Special and extra classes are also arranged by the teachers to supplement the general teaching. Laisoning work with outside business agencies for employment to our students is done by our teachers under “Earn while you Learn” programme. Faculty members regularly attend Seminars, conferences and workshops. Many study tours, industrial visits and training programmes are organized for the students.

      20 B.com III yr students were sent by the department for a training programme in the Insurance Business by Bharat Axa Insurance Company for 10 days

      To bring all round development, Department ensures that all the commerce students present a project report on every subject annually as a part of curriculum. Faculty encourages them to express their thoughts and share knowledge with the fellow students.

      The Department has been following formal and informal linkages with Government Institutions, Universities, Professional bodies, industries, Professional Practioners, Advertising & Media agencies.

      The department is actively engaged in research work. The department has many major and minor research project to its credit.

      Many senior faculty members have authored nearly 25 universities prescribed text books on various Commerce subjects.

      Many of our students are getting employment in various Multi national companies like Genpact, Wipro, Infosys, and Nokia etc.The department constantly liaises with placement cell and provides intensive coaching & training in personality development and Communication skills to equip the students to face interviews.

      Many Socially responsible activities like flood relief camps,blood donation camps in collaboration with “Red cross society”, donation of food, clothing etc.are undertaken by the department.

Faculty Details:






Experience (in Years)

Mail Id

1 Dr Ch. Rajalingam M.Com, M.Phil, Ph.D. Principal Cost Accountancy
and Taxation
29years chittalurirajalingam@gmail.com
2 C.BuchiReddy M.Com. HOD, Asso.Prof Cost Accountancy
and Taxation
20years chittalurirajalingam@gmail.com
3 K.ReshitaReddy M.Com, M.B.A Asso.Prof Cost Accountancy
and Taxation
17years kreshetareddy@yahoo.com
4 Ms.Renu Mathur M.Com. Asst.Prof Cost Accountancy
and Taxation
16 renumathur671@gmail.com
5 V.SudhakarReddy PGDCA M.Com .(M.Phil) Asst.Prof Cost Accountancy
and Taxation
18years van.vsr@gmail.com
6 K. Narsa Raju M.Com,LLB, NET M.Phil.,
Asst.Prof Cost Accountancy
and Taxation
12years rajanpracticals@gmail.com
7 M. Ramesh M.Com, Asst.Prof Cost Accountancy
and Taxation
11years rameshncc5425@gmail.com
8 P.Madhava Redy M.Sc (Comp Sc) Asst.Prof Computers 16years madhavareddy111@yahoo.com
9 Ms RithikaTiwari M.Com.,M.Phil.DIM Asst.Prof Cost Accountancy
and Taxation
9years inbox.ritu@gmail.com
10 Ms P.Rukmini M.Com MBA Asst.Prof Cost Accountancy
and Taxation
8years rks3939@gmail.com
11 B.Venkataiah M.Com Asst.Prof Cost Accountancy
and Taxation
8year bvenkat251@gmail.com
12 D.Vinay Raj M.C.A Asst.Prof Computers 8years vinayraj_vinay@yahoo.com
13 G.Gopisree M.Com, MBA Asst.Prof Cost Accountancy
and Taxation
gopsree333@gmail.com 29years
14 G.Kavitha M.Com, MBA Asst.Prof Cost Accountancy
and Taxation
10 year kavithasumedha@gmail.com
15 R.Naveen Kumar M.Com, MBA Asst.Prof Cost Accountancy
and Taxation
10 year naveen.ramagiri1980@gmail.com
16 G.Shantha M.Com,M.Phill, MBA Asst.Prof Cost Accountancy
and Taxation
12 year shangtha@gmail.com
17 B.Kishore M.Com, MBA Asst.Prof Cost Accountancy
and Taxation
9 year kishore.basani82@gmail.com
18 O.Sharada M.Com, MBA Asst.Prof Cost Accountancy
and Taxation
12 year sharadaoram@rocket.com
19 Ms B.Mounica MBA programmer mounika900@yahoo.com