A.V College of Arts,Science & Commerce
Domalguda, Hyderabad - 500 029
(Affiliated To Osmania University)

Department of Zoology

       Zoology is one of the most important science subject that was introduced when the college was established in 1968. During last four decades the department has grown enormously from strength to strength and diversity. The department had three faculty members with 2 Ph.Ds and 1 pursuing Ph.D.

       The department has three laboratories, which caters to the needs of 180 under graduate students of all three B.Sc. classes. One well established museum with lots of specimens of animal kingdom and a departmental library with a collection of more than two hundred books related to the subject are mentionable features. For the promotion of academic activity in Zoology, UGC has sanctioned funds under various development grants. Modern teaching methods involving overhead projectors, LCD, research microscopes and binoculars and dissecting microscopes have been helpful to the faculty in adopting innovative teaching methods with active involvement of students.

       The faculty members are regularly participating in national and international workshops/conferences/seminars /refresher courses etc. to keep themselves abreast in the subject. Study visits are organized to research institutions like IICT, CCMB, NIN, NIMS, Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine, Nehru Zoological Park, Fisheries Exhibition to guide the students academically and to develop scientific approach in them. Organising Guest lecturers, conducting of seminars, workshops involving the students and staff of the college has been an important feature. The department conducted a workshop adapting a locality of people below poverty line for health checkups and guidance for upkeep of their health.

       Extension and guest lectures on various topics like cancer, Aqua culture, Stem cells, Homeostasis, Recent Trends on Embryology and Cell Biology. The department organized a workshop on clinical laboratory techniques to the residents of Vaddera basthi which is adjacent to our college campus. It was a science oriented social workshop. ICT mode of teaching is used and students are given assignments on various topics. Inter-departmental quiz competitions are also organised.

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1 Dr.G.L.Kiran Swaroop M.Sc. Ph.D.B.Ed ,SET Asst. Professor Endocrinology 23 ludhia_@yahoo.co.in

Sri R Jagadishwarlu M.Sc, B.Ed SET Asst. Professor Comparativ Animal Physiology 10 jagadeeshrapaka@gmail.com

P.Eeshwar Rao M.Sc, B.Ed SET Asst. Professor Comparativ Animal Physiology 04 zoologyeshwar@gmail.com