1.4.1 Feedback Report :view Link
           1.4.2 Student Feedback analysis :view Link

           2.3.1 Student Centric methods :view Link
           2.7.1 Student Satisfaction Survey(2021-22) :view Link

           3.2 Sanctioned post extended profile :view Link
           3.2.2 Workshops and Seminars :view Link
           3.3.3 Books :view Link
           3.4.2 Recognitions from Govt bodies :view Link
           3.4.3 NSS ,NCC & YRC Extension Programs :view Link
           3.4.4 No of stduents( NSS ,NCC ) :view Link
           3.5.1 Internships :view Link
           3.5.2 Mou activities :view Link

           4.2.1 Library Software :view Link

           6.1.2 Committees and clubs :view Link
           6.3 Faculty Empowerment Strategies :view Link
           6.5.3 Annual Report(2021-22) :view Link

           7.1.1 Action Plan :view Link
           7.1.1 Activity Report:view Link
           7.1.2 :Geotagged Photographs view Link
           7.1.9 :Activity Report view Link
           7.1.10 :Code of Conduct view Link
           7.2.1 :Best Practices1 view Link
           7.2.1 :Best Practices2 view Link
           7.3.1 :Instituitional Distinctiveness view Link