At  A.V.College , we believe in the transformational power of a college education to impart knowledge and enlightenment in a global society. We believe higher education is a privilege, and that an educated person has a responsibility not only to seek personal and professional success but also to contribute to a greater good. The following core values support these beliefs. They are fundamental to the success of the College and its community.

We are committed to provide the best educational experience possible to every student. Exhibit quality in staffing, facilities, programs, and services, promote continuous improvement, anticipate the needs and respond accordingly. Encourage creativity & innovation that promote student and employee success.

We are engaged towards developing an atmosphere where every member takes responsibility for personal and professional growth and development. We continuously assess and enhance our policies, establish and impart characterized and explained objectives and targets, ensure that our work increases the value of the college and society. We believe in having complete transparency at all levels of hierarchy to promote a healthier working atmosphere to all.

We always show commitment for Supporting the mission and vision of the College, Focus on students, Continuously evaluate and improve programs, services, systems, and policies and Create new programs and services to meet necessary identified needs. Commitment extends to all levels of our campus to foster a climate of ethical conduct, respect, responsibility and Trust.

We believe in the value of positive motivation and encouragement of staff and students. Encouragement is provided for critical and quantitative thinking, effective communication, ethical decision making and social obligation in our students

We are focused on promoting the sense of social responsibilities in students by involving them in various social activities. This helps in creating awareness about latest and important social issues in individual and gives them a broader perspective of understanding the causes and possible solutions related to various social issues.

Freedom is a very important aspect of our democracy. We in our Institute believe that an access to free expression is vital both to support the development process and goal. We believe that freedom of thought and expression is necessary, as without this overall development of individuals cannot be completed. Everybody is valued and judged in view of their commitments and execution instead of gender, race, religion, physical capacities, sexual character or financial condition.